Monday, April 30, 2012

Foodie Penpals: April

I was so excited to get this package, you would have thought it was my birthday! My foodie penpal, Carly, writes a blog Change for Good and packed some awesome vegan goodies for me. As a dietitian, I counsel vegans so I know a bit about what is involved but mostly just on paper. Getting an all vegan package was a very cool adventure...thanks Carly!

Now, I need to set the stage for this post...dinner is in the oven, I just got home from work and in front of my lies this foodie package. So I read each individual item: dark chocolate, seasnax, vegan jerky, green tea, Justin's almond and peanut butter. And then, in a 10 minute time span, I take a bite out of just about everything. AND THEN, I call everyone over and THEY take a bite out of everything. It was all so amazingly good that we snacked for dinner instead of having what I cooked! Again...thanks Carly! :)

 These Seasnax are full of crunch, crunch, crunch. If you like potato chips, these are a really cool snack and they come in really great flavors: Chipotle, Wasabi, Sea Salt,

 I am a cookie freak! I can bake 'em and eat 'em every night if someone continues to keep me supplied with ingredients. These little homemade nuggets with carob chips were very good! Would be great with a cup of coffee :)

I'm not a jerky fan, so I was totally pleased that this was vegan jerky...well, pleased that it wasn't real jerky. I read over the ingredients...none were alarming. I smelled it...very "Thai Peanuty". Tasted a little bite...not bad. Tasted another bite...still good. Ate the whole thing! This is a non-meat stick of goodness!!

And what would a snacking for dinner-dinner be without having some chocolate...dark chocolate (filled with those awesome antioxidants)! The Justin's almond butter goes great on this chocolate too.

Carly, you did an amazing job sharing your vegan snacks with a meat eater! I have really found some items that I will be adding to my weekly grocery list - mission accomplished! And if you want to join in this fabulous foodie penpal fun, check out The Lean Green Bean for details.

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