Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Green Tea

I love tea! I can't really stand hot tea, but any type of iced tea puts me in my glory! I am going to show my recipe to tea...which I make almost twice a week. Now, many of you will laugh at the fact I use drinking water. where we live, the faucets are just caked with deposits and I can't bring myself to drink it. Totally in my head? Probably...but it gets me drinkin' my tea! So, we start with my Kroger brand (taken from a municipal water source) drinking water. I pour 4 cups of it into a measuring cup and microwave it for 5 minutes.

I have two teas that I really like. Green tea with all of its fabulous antioxidants is great for your heart! More and more studies are showing that it's not just green tea that is good for your body, but all teas. Be sure to remember: it is the TEA that is good for you, not the sugar that you use to sweeten it! Drinking sweetened tea can add as much sugar as a regular soda.

Once the water is done in the microwave, plunk 8 tea bags into the measuring cup. I let mine stand for about 5 minutes. Longer is fine if you like a stronger tea. Squeeze the tea bags out and pour the tea back into the gallon of water. TEA!

Want some tips to get more green tea in your diet? Try using hot green tea to make your oatmeal in the morning or to cook your rice in the evening. Add green tea to smoothies instead of milk. You can freeze green tea into a granita or popsicle for a hot summer day. You can also freeze green tea as ice cubes and add it to your juice or lemonade.

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