Friday, August 31, 2012

August Foodie Penpal REVEAL!!

Stephanie sent me my Foodie Penpal package for August...and she rocked that box! First, how pretty is this card? I love it! The design and the colors are just too fabulous :)

And now, on to the food...Stephanie sent me an awesome array of goodies! The sun dried tomatoes have already found themselves in a sauce with whole wheat ziti pasta.

The muesli mix is going to go great in my overnight crock pot recipe. It looks like there are raisins and nuts in the mix :)  Almond butter is always a favorite of mine, so these little packets are going to work with me for some afternoon snacks. The naked peak trail mix...sadly to say, I have already demolished this bag. Gone.

The mushroom risotto looks like it's gonna be rich and awesome. And if you have read my Black Bean Brownie post, you know that black beans make me nervous...I'm never sure if I will like the dish that they are in. These black bean chips? Wonderful! They would make a great taco salad chip. Thanks Stephanie!
I sent my package to Jillian over at Good Morning Sweetums.
She has recipes AND crafty stuff :) Check it out!

Are you interested in getting a cool foodie package? Check out The Lean Green Bean to sign up!

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