Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Foodie Penpals

Oh how I LOVE getting Foodie PenPal packages!! 
Amber from was my May Foodie PenPal.

These items were so good! The Very Berry Crunch was like strawberry rice krispies only crunchier. I have been adding this to my yogurt everyday to kick it up. The cookie - vegan and fabulous - was wonderful...even the kids chomped on it. 

Now for the tea bags - I am a fan of tea, green tea mostly. Amber included a recipe that I had to try...I warmed up some Vanilla Almond Milk and steeped my new Aged Earl Grey tea bag in it. Creamy and wonderful as a bedtime beverage!

Want to join in the monthly foodie fun? 


  1. That earl grey concoction sounds delicious!!

  2. I've gotta try the very berry crunch!