Monday, July 23, 2012

Florida Avocado Tomato Salad

I was in the grocery store and found these GIANT avocados! Instead of Haas, the are Florida avocados. I know that there are a hundred different kinds of avocado but have no idea what makes them all different. These avocados were more yellow than green inside and weren't as creamy as the usual Haas. Regardless...they were good.

Now, I have no real recipe for this so hand with me. I took one tomato and diced it, two avocados and scooped them out and a half of a red onion and thinly sliced it. I added some salt, pepper, red pepper and garlic right before I smashed it all with a potato masher.

I could probably eat this as a salad, maybe even over some chopped lettuce or mixed in with rice. Today, I chose to eat it with sea salt pita chips. Enjoy!

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